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Shady PI is an unique site that offers you an interesting look into the life of a PI (private investigator) that was cheated in the past by his wife and also he started to be really sick about the big numbers of cases with cheating women he had over the years so he decided to post their spy videos on this website. The site is made for the guys with a fetish for hidden cameras hardcore or for the ones who like real amateur sex!, no bullshit. If you are one of them I recommend you to check the site out, who knows maybe someone you know, was caught in the act! Here, on my page dedicated to you will find free spy videos and pictures with all the cheating wifes tape recored by our shady PI.

Shady PI Top Rated Cases

There are too many shady cases to post only on one page so I've picked the ones which I've enjoyed the best from shady PI website!

Amy H

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Bitch gets caught selling her pussy to scumbag pervert


Shady PI Ashley img

Cheating whore with hot ass gets caught on vid fuckin' around

Ashley M

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Ashley M cheating housewife gets fucked by another man!


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Barbara gets caught fucking around in her husband's house.

Belle K

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Slut gets caught by spy cam have cheating on her boyfriend!

Courtney Elder

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This couger is old enough to be this dudes mom!

Courtney Stevens

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Cheating slutwhore Courtney can't get enough of fucking behind her husband's back!

Diana Smith

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Hot cougar fucks young dude on husband's bed!

Dorothy B.

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Slut hooked up with guy for greencard

Elizabeth K.

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Skanky little slut wife gets caught on surveillance footage fuckin' some thug

Emily D.

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Nasty girl busted being a cheating whore


Shady PI Gloria img

Red head busted cheating on surveillance


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Two timing whore gets busted sucking cock

Joan Mellon

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Nympho slut will fuck anyone and anything behind her husbands back!


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Cheating whore gets busted on surveillance footage fuckin in motel room

Natasha T.

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Horny young wife fucks older couple


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Dirty whore busted on tape fuckin another man

Sierra Mayfield

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Bitch caught on surveillance tape being a cheating douche-bag fuck whore


Shady PI Susan img

This poor guy is a dumb shit for trusting this whore

Susan R.

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Dirty brunette fucks big black cock!


Shady PI Tara img

Hot chick cheats on her husband with black dude!


Shady PI Tina img

Girlfriend is busted fucking black dude in hotel room

Tori S.

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Big tit slut cheats on her man with two dirty dicks at once


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Sexy chick with huge tits fucks teen dude on spycam!!!

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I had a wealthy client come to me and ask me to follow around his girlfriend of 8 months after being suspicious of her being so quick to ask for marriage. He knew right away she might just be after his money. I followed her around for a couple of days and finally caught her hanging out with another dude. At first it seemed like they were just friends, until I set up hidden cameras in the same room that they expressed just how "friendly" they really are. It was a bit of luck that i was able to capture this dirty young whore fucking over my client. Its gold digging whores like this that make me sick, but that's why I'm doing this: to catch these back stabbing whores fucking over my clients.
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So far, what I did on this page was to show you free content from shadyPI website. But what about a review? I'm not so good with words, so instead I'm going to give you what one of the biggest and most respected porn reviews site has to say about it. If you can't trust these guys from rabbits, then I don't know whom you can trust.

We've all been cheated on, so that sense of betrayal from someone who you gave your all to and trusted with your heart is something we can all relate to. Now, I'm not sure how you found out that your partner was fucking around, but the dude on Shady PI finds out because he follows the chicks around and catches them on camera.

Our ShadyPI caught his woman cheating on him in the past and since then he has been on a mission to help dudes expose their ladies as possible cheaters. Each episode plays out like a real private investigator investigation. First we watch as he follows the cheating couple around, filming it all from his car. Then we watch as they fuck and it is all caught on hidden cams that Shady has previously installed in the room in which they go about their hardcore business.

Did I buy it as real? No, I didn't. However, I will give them credit for playing it well, acting as if these are actual cheating chicks caught with other men.

At this point, there are 24 episodes available. Each one comes with a set of pictures of the pre-sex action (the walking around the streets, on the phone, etc) and a video of the whole experience, from stakeout to cumshot. The newer photos are high-res. Video quality is excellent, although because these are supposed to be real-life-caught-on-tape vids, the lighting isn't great and is often dark in the hotel rooms where much of the fucking takes place. Since Shady is able to set up multiple hidden cams in the rooms, we do get a few different angles, but they are all fairly wide and you won't see any close ups or such.

The good news is that there are 26 bonus sites that come included with your membership, like Freaks Of Cock, Euro Humpers and 40 OZ Bounce. There aren't any other spy-cam sites, but there is plenty of hardcore of better viewing quality. Shady PI doesn't have enough content available yet, but the network is worth checking out if variety is the spice of your porn life.
Source: Rabitts Reviews

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